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Monday, October 5, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Favorite things about Utah so far.(In no particular order... except when they came to my mind)

  • So many friends are within a short drive.
  • Efy counselors abound. I found a bunch in my ward and I fully intend on making them my friends. Also so many of my efy friends live here!
  • Great job that allows me to make home-made silly putty, magnet fishing poles, paper plate aquariums, buy stick horses from the dollar store and have my very first pet rat(not that I plan on having more than one pet rat...)!
  • Institute! I love it so much! I missed it so much being at a church school for so long. I always feel the spirit so strong. And I love that Jason Miller comes with me every week! Its so great to have friends to share that with!
  • People love ice cream here! And sometimes great boys like Scott Johns buy me ice cream! I love it!
  • Target and Walmart... I for real live there. I have spent far too much money there since I moved here!
  • Beyond Glaze Doughnuts! You will not believe them till you try them! So SO good!
  • Bonfires
  • Jacket weather
  • Mariah
  • Conference weekend
  • Amazing opportunities to hear lds musicians and speakers all the time!
  • BANDSLAM!!!!
  • the library.. who knew!
  • finding the most perfect shoes that I thought I would never find again... but i did!!! and they were on sale!!
  • Friends come and visit me from Idaho!(Hooles and Joshy)
  • being bored and curious enough to put a cd out on itunes and amazon
Well thats all that I can think of now but I'm sure there is more. Some days its strange to be in this new grown up life but all in all I truly am happy. This place will provide me with so many great opportunities to grow. Thank you Draper Utah and all the goodness that comes along with you. Especially Dollar Cinnamon Rolls from IKEA, which I can walk to. Thank you.