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Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite music for now!

1. Hold my Heart--Sara Bareilles
2. Breathe Again--Sara Bareilles( To be honest this entire cd(Kaleidoscope Heart) is INCREDIBLE!)
3. Possibility--Sierra Noble
4. Falling Stars--David Achuleta
5. Back to December-- Taylor Swift( I don't usually like her music much, but this new cd is pretty great!)
6. Breaking Rules-- Tyler Barham
7. Until you came along--JJ Heller
8. Baby Blue Eyes-- A Rocket to the Moon ( The whole Rainy Day Sessions cd is wonderful!)
9. All I want-- Tyrone and Elina
10. Monkey and the Tree--Lindsey Ray
11. All in a Day-- The Open Sea
12. California--Mindy Gledhill
13. Jar of Hearts-- Christina Perri
14. Lover in a friend--Jarrett Burns
15. Penny and Me-- Hanson( Its way old but I found a new love for it when I went to their concert a few weeks ago!)
16. Can't Go Back Now--Weepies
17. Gravity--Lucy Schwartz
18. The whole Camp Rock 2 cd--This is happy music! I love me some Demi and JoBros!
19. The Scientist and Fix You--Coldplay
20. Say(All I need)--OneRepublic

There is way more I'm sure but this should get you started on some incredible music I have found over the last few months! If you only look up one, I highly HIGHLY suggest Sara Bareilles new cd... I really can't stop listening!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now!

I am going to Rexburg this weekend! This is the first time I have been back since I left there back in April. It has been over a year since I graduated from college. Lets look back at what I have accomplished in my first full year of grown up life!
--Got my first grown up job with a salary. And yet I still get to have snack at work. Bring on the string cheese, go gurts and chocolate milk!
--Put my first cd on i-tunes. Its call "This is for You," its not the other stuff from Katie Lee... that stuff is a little strange. If you haven't looked it up yet, you can go here:
--Got hired for efy again. Working as a BC on the Salt Lake Stay at Home session team. Pretty stinkin excited!
--Wrote some really great songs with piano. It reall
y renewed my love for the piano!
--I moved a few months ago to a new apartment in my complex and it has been great fun! Its very social and I feel very at home there.
--Joined a polynesian gospel choir! Who knew I had soul!?
--Ok... I'm having a very had time thinking of grown up accomplishments. My life is sadder than I thought.
--Found my favorite movie maybe ever... well after Heavyweights. Bandslam! Such a great movie!!
--I actually love my grown up job 95% of the time! That is a huge accomplishment!
--I almost started loving working out... it lasted about a week.
--Went to some awesome concerts! Ingrid Michaelson, April Meservy, Debra Fotheringham, Ryan Innes, Jarrett Burns, Kate Voegele, Matthew Perryman Jones, Demi Lovato.
--April Meservy told me she loved my music!
-- I signed up for a summer lds music industry workshop. I'm one step closer to getting famous!
--I took pictures on train tracks! Something I have always wanted to do!
--I almost signed up to take a balloon art class! Sadly... I did not. Maybe in a few months I will, or possibly a Hula Hooping for adults class!
--I pay my own bills! I have my own car! I even got new tires on my car!

And that is my grown up life in a nutshell! Boring I know... But I have fun doing it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Real Life Horror Movie

Yesterday at church, right after Sacrament Meeting I went to the bathroom. I went into a stall I don't usually use. My first thought was that it was kind of dirty. But I had to go, so I went about my business. I looked over at the side wall of the stall and there was something that looked like blood... gross. And then I look up and in blood was a name. MY NAME. Yes Katie... spelled in blood in the stall. Don't ask me how it got there... creepy. As far as I know I was part of the filming for a low budget horror movie. SO strange.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 - CES Article - The Reflection in the Water

I kind of forgot about this talk until I saw a clip of it tonight. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. If you get a chance, please take time to read it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Proverbs 4:26-- Ponder the path of thy feet.

I think that is all that needs to be said.