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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now!

I am going to Rexburg this weekend! This is the first time I have been back since I left there back in April. It has been over a year since I graduated from college. Lets look back at what I have accomplished in my first full year of grown up life!
--Got my first grown up job with a salary. And yet I still get to have snack at work. Bring on the string cheese, go gurts and chocolate milk!
--Put my first cd on i-tunes. Its call "This is for You," its not the other stuff from Katie Lee... that stuff is a little strange. If you haven't looked it up yet, you can go here:
--Got hired for efy again. Working as a BC on the Salt Lake Stay at Home session team. Pretty stinkin excited!
--Wrote some really great songs with piano. It reall
y renewed my love for the piano!
--I moved a few months ago to a new apartment in my complex and it has been great fun! Its very social and I feel very at home there.
--Joined a polynesian gospel choir! Who knew I had soul!?
--Ok... I'm having a very had time thinking of grown up accomplishments. My life is sadder than I thought.
--Found my favorite movie maybe ever... well after Heavyweights. Bandslam! Such a great movie!!
--I actually love my grown up job 95% of the time! That is a huge accomplishment!
--I almost started loving working out... it lasted about a week.
--Went to some awesome concerts! Ingrid Michaelson, April Meservy, Debra Fotheringham, Ryan Innes, Jarrett Burns, Kate Voegele, Matthew Perryman Jones, Demi Lovato.
--April Meservy told me she loved my music!
-- I signed up for a summer lds music industry workshop. I'm one step closer to getting famous!
--I took pictures on train tracks! Something I have always wanted to do!
--I almost signed up to take a balloon art class! Sadly... I did not. Maybe in a few months I will, or possibly a Hula Hooping for adults class!
--I pay my own bills! I have my own car! I even got new tires on my car!

And that is my grown up life in a nutshell! Boring I know... But I have fun doing it!


  1. I do not think that was boring at all! But i have a solution for your work-out woes: That dance that Will does in Bandslam, where he bends down then turns and pops up into someone's face. Repeatedly. You know the one? It's gotta be great for the glutes...

  2. And YAY for your jefferson starship reference in the title!

  3. I have the guitar chords to that song. Nothing's gonna stop us now. Sorry, this is my last comment.

  4. What the heck? I swear I wrote 50 witty and winsome remarks to this post the other day. Apparently I don't know how to comment. Basically, it all came down to I LOVE BANDSLAM!!! And ...we're the best. And I really do think doing Will's dance moves will be good for anyone's gluts ...and social status