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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reasons I want to be a teacher...

1. Kids laugh when you say the word "duties"
2. When you go to an art museum with children and see naked statues it is automatically the funniest thing ever.
3. When you are a teacher you can make up names for those statues, such as, Bobby Bum Bum.
4. You can tell the students if they are bad they will have to go to Bobby Bum Bum.
5. When a student gets their hair buzzed they run in screaming, " I GOT BALD!"
6. Kids don't always make sense which makes life so much funnier! Such as this statement.. " My brother got bit by a Hobo!" Hmm...
7. Every Tuesday is Pizza day in the Cafeteria!
8. You get to have awesome parties every holiday!!
9. When its Valentines day you know you are getting Valentines cause the students parents make them give you Valentines.
10. Children will always see you as over 50... even when you are 22.

Come What May and Love It! Week of Feb. 8-15

There are so many scriptures that made an impression on me this week. But I want to start of by talking about something not from the scriptures. It is Sunday night and this week has been much like others I have had lately. It seems that I just move from day to day not truly enjoying what life has to offer me. I find myself wasting time on things that won’t make me happy and not really trying to make any changes. Tonight I was playing on my computer when I had the urge to go to They had a link to Mormon Messages on YouTube. I clicked on the link and I was immediately drawn to Elder Worthlin’s words, Come What May and Love It. I had long since forgotten about this talk. Hearing those words once again reminded me that I have control over how I handle my life and my feelings. If I choose to be unhappy in my situation then that is all I will ever be. But if I choose to love whatever comes my ways then I will start to see the splendor of life and the love of my Heavenly Father that puts things in my path to test my love for Him.


Another thing that hit me this week is how crafty Satan can be. In 2 Nephi 28:21 it says, “ He will pacify and lull them away into carnal security that they will say: All is well in Zion… and leadeth them carefully down to hell.” Satans way is not too hit us with a big temptation. He wants to get us in the little things. In being unkind to those around us, forgetting to pray, not making time for scripture study,  or feeling sorry for ourselves.  He will lead us carefully until we are much farther down than we ever realized. Luckily, there is the great plan of happiness that allows us to repent and to walk back into the light no matter how many times we fall. What a wonderful plan our father has prepared for us.