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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reasons I want to be a teacher...

1. Kids laugh when you say the word "duties"
2. When you go to an art museum with children and see naked statues it is automatically the funniest thing ever.
3. When you are a teacher you can make up names for those statues, such as, Bobby Bum Bum.
4. You can tell the students if they are bad they will have to go to Bobby Bum Bum.
5. When a student gets their hair buzzed they run in screaming, " I GOT BALD!"
6. Kids don't always make sense which makes life so much funnier! Such as this statement.. " My brother got bit by a Hobo!" Hmm...
7. Every Tuesday is Pizza day in the Cafeteria!
8. You get to have awesome parties every holiday!!
9. When its Valentines day you know you are getting Valentines cause the students parents make them give you Valentines.
10. Children will always see you as over 50... even when you are 22.


  1. You will be a amazing teacher.. the kids will fall in love with you...