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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Music that could change your life!

1. Parachute-- She is Love(Acoustic Version)
2. Kate Voegele--Sweet Silver Lining
3. Whitney Wiatt-- Oh, the Places You'll Go
4. Sara Haze--Balloon(Acoustic Version)
5. Allie Moss-- Corner
6. Bearfoot--Heaven
7.Shelly Fraley--Up, up and away
8.Chelsea Lee--So Far
9. Matt Wertz--I will not take my love away
10. Schuyler Fisk--Afterglow
11. Rosi Golan-Hazy
12.Lauren Zettler-- So much here
13. Ernie Halter--Whisper
14. Jessica Sonner--Just You
15. Demi Lovato--Don't Forget and On the Line
16. Dave Barnes--On a Night like This
17. Amos Lee--Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight
18.Jonathan Clay--Love at War(Stripped Version)

Hope You take a look and enjoy these artist you probably have never heard of before! Ha I just love music so much! This just makes me want to listen to all these real bad!


  1. OMG thanks for posting this! :) reminds me of our happy little dorm room last summer. *sigh* miss you!

  2. You crazy EFY'er - you need to post more.

    SO cool that I randomly saw you in Flagstaff, AZ on a Friday afternoon.

    By the way, you need to check out MY favorite musician list on my facebook...

  3. I found a CD you will LOVE!! Mandy Moore's new cd called Ashleigh Leigh. Oh my gosh.