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Friday, November 20, 2009

So this week has been crazy!

I had parent teacher conferences for two epically(sp??) long nights! But I survived and one parent even cried she was so happy! I also had my interview for efy this week which I think went pretty well. It was way chill. Just me and my friend jason and two administrators I feel very comfortable with. Then I spent a lovely evening with Sam, Jason and Tristan just catching up. It was so refreshing. Then today was a day. School was kind of nuts! All I wanted to do after school was relax with some friends. But everyone I talked to was busy! So I ended up going to my sisters performance up at East High all by myself which kinda sucked. I hate going places by myself. And after I was supposed to see a movie with a friend... but he bailed at the last minute. So here's to Friday nights all by myself! I think for Saturday I will take myself out to the movies. And buy myself a large porcorn.


  1. You go girl! I think you are awesome! What NEW MOON! Its so so so so good! :) go team edward! whoo!

  2. Katie-seeta! Well, I kind of have mixed feelings--I'm thrilled that I was mentioned in your blog. I feel so special and yes, we did have a lovely time! On the flip side I'm sorry that you had a lame Friday night. Hearing that makes me even more bitter towards that stupid paper that I had to work on Friday b/c I totally would have gone with you had I not been swamped. Anyway, I'm going to go before my comment gets longer than your entry, but I love you. Hope you have fun in AZ this weekend!