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Monday, March 30, 2009

Principal of a Prep SchooL!

There was once when I was funny!I was. But you can't be funny and be the principal of a prep school! No you can't.When it comes to their children,these parents will come down to me like a nuclear bomb.--Ms. Mullins(You're the Man!)
I wanted to remember a time when I was fun...cause I feel very un-fun lately. So here is what I came up with!

This is when my roommates and I decided we needed more crafts in our lives. We made this popsicle stick frame for some boys we met like two days earlier. Haha they loved it!
This is my rap/hip-hop group "Loungin in Blue"
When I had no more cares than to just jump with a self-timered camera...
When I travelled back in time to the 80's and looked darn good doing it!
Hmm... good date memories. 
Road Trip to the 45th parallel! Have you been there? Bet not!
I was a VERY convincing nerd!! 
We dressed a mannequin like a wo-mannequin... and then stole his/her arms.
When I was a babe... I know I'm Hot!
When we made a cardboard cutout named Peter. He love me and Katie Hawkes... so much he wore a shirt thats said I love Katie. What a lovely man he was!

Thanks for taking that trip down memory lane with me!


  1. Yes Yes Yes YES!
    And what is happening in that picture? Are we banishing Bret?

    All i know is that less than 24 hours later, our poor cardboard lover-man was hanging from the hotel ceiling with a free necktie. Twisted, twisted people....

  2. haha.. The sign says "No pets allowed" So yes.. we were banishing him. And yes mighty twisted people.. so many bad things happened to Peter.. poor guy. At least he got to sleep in a bath tub, go on a road trip and make crepes before his untimely death...

  3. You are so great Katie! I love our fun times...and I miss it so much! When are we going to get together??? :) I'm going to be gone this weekend, but I am FREE for you any time! You are the best! Thanks for everything!

  4. This is so very entertaining, I may have to make a habit of checking in on you... since I found you. :) Love blog stalking!!!! HA.