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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I want to become Peter Pan.

1. Grown-Ups look at you funny when you bring goldfish, fruit snacks and pudding for lunch.
2. Eating corn dogs is frowned upon...
3. You have to fill out applications and interview like mad just to hope your not going to be  unemployed forever.
4. You have to actually eat good and work out to avoid becoming a hippo.
5. You have to pay for all kinds of things and hope that you have enough money to do so.
6. No more fun college stuff... I can't really remember why it was fun, I just remember it was.
7. Can you still like coloring? and watching Boy meets world?
8. Birthdays become much less important

I wish I could think of more reasons I don't want to be a grown up... maybe I'm making it up in my head. Anywho, I think I will take advice from my dear friend Eric Matthews, and go on a very long road trip and end at the giant yogurt cup. There I shall stay forever.


  1. Oh man I remember that episode! That would be the life.

  2. I love being a kid...and I love corn dogs too! I was actually at the zoo today, and I really wanted a corn dog...but they didn't have any! We totally should make some together! You are so great Katie!

  3. i agree with this post 100%! I miss my kiddy days!

  4. you will never EVER be too old to watch boy meets world. definitely bought the first season on DVD for my sister. . . should've burned it for myself first. augh. :)
    (and HI! :) love finding ppl on the whole blog sitch)

  5. hey katie! glad i found your blog....whats new in your life?!?! are you still up at byu-idaho?